Where we are located

Where are we located?

Can we tell where our company is located?

Lev Tolstoy began his novel Anna Karenina with an incipit of great news:
“All happy families are alike to each other; Every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. ”
It is so often even with companies.
Let’s read the words in a more constructive way.
We replace the word “unhappy” with “not completely satisfied”, and we will find that every company not completely satisfied is not completely satisfied in its own way.
In the course of my professional life I had the ability to meet companies that were not completely satisfied for a variety of reasons. I try to list some of them.
1) were not growing enough. The contestants galloped, and they were staying at the stake
2) did not earn enough. They grew, but they had no idea to grind water
3) were full of doubts about the future. They had products that they were selling, but technological threats presaged a rapid decline. Remember the great Kodak, behemoth in photography? supplanted by digital photography.
4) The entrepreneur was confronted with generational dilemmas. After me the flood? Would the children be at the fathers ‘ height?
5) The company had the possibility to go well, had the product, the market, but the debt situation tarpava the wings (financial problem).
6) The company had the chance to go well, had the product, the market, but could not put in line its resources (organizational problem).
7) The company had the possibility to go well, had the product, the market, but found itself to lose, because the costs were not under control (problem of absence of an analytical accounting and a control of management).
8) The situation (extreme case) of indebtedness presage the worst. It was necessary to find an exit strategy or, in the worst case, make the landing as soft as possible.

And then, let’s try to figure out who we are. Know thyself, as Socrates said. Click here