Here is one of the most quoted phrases of all time, of the Latin philosopher Lucius Anneo Seneca:

“No wind is favorable for the sailor who does not know which port he wants to land”

I know, you already know her, we all know her. But do we really put it into practice?

That is why it is essential to have a strategy paper that tells us the port to which we want to port.

Once we have done the actual photography we try to imagine where we would like to be in 5 years.

What growth rate? What margin? What indebtedness?

Will we find our resources inside (maybe it was always possible) or do we have to resort to debt? And in this case what are the best tools, more suitable for our purposes?

Will our growth be sustainable?

Are our products guaranteed to grow and produce liquidity?

What about our competitors?

If it is true that no one has the crystal ball, it is still true that trying to look at the future is not faulty. For example, the law on the defense of the Earth tells us important things about products that will have future and products doomed to finish.

The elaboration of a business strategy is indispensable, as well as the continuous adjustment of the aim. It is not an untouchable document, but it helps us, through continuous corrections, to straighten our course before we find ourselves completely adrift.

Let us start from the analysis of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Click here to continue and see what you think, reflecting on your company.