SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis

SWOT is an abbreviation. It indicates the strengths (Strengths), the weaknesses (Weaknesses), the opportunities and the threats.

Yes, because in this analysis we verify some positive and negative points that derive from our internal organization or from the external environment.

SWOT analysis
Favorable factors
Harmful factors
internal factors






external factors






Do we know in depth what our organization is strong?

First of all human resources? Are they motivated? Are they competent? We got the right men in the right place? Do they need to improve their training?

Then the technological resources: plants, machinery, products. Are the correct ones to face the challenges? Sometimes it is sufficient to have a slight correction of course, some adjustments, to make our effectiveness and efficiency turn upside down.

Do we know the environment thoroughly?

Are we developing products/services that in 10 to 20 years will still be at the forefront, or is the legislation moving the world in a different direction? What are our outlet markets, both as intermediate users and as end users? What does our competition, and who is it? Will we succeed in the challenge? How are the markets of our products/services moving? Our knowledge, understood as the sum of our human and technological resources, could with a good elasticity change its challenges?

Based on these answers we can begin to fill the table above.

We’re here to help. The external eye often sees things that are beyond everyday life.