Realization of Business Plan

Realization of BUSINESS PLAN

We are here to help you prepare your business plan.

The business plan is a document summarizing the contents and characteristics of an entrepreneurial project. It is used both for internal reasons (planning and business Management) and external (communication to potential lenders or investors).
It is normally composed of three parts:
1) Introductory part (entrepreneurial idea, including the company structure envisaged);
2) technical-operative part (feasibility, market, organization);
3) Quantitative monetary part (economic-financial forecasts)

The introductory part aims to illustrate:
• The entrepreneurial plan of the near future, in a time range of 48-60 months;
• The requirements necessary for the realization of the project;
• usable resources;
• Investment planning and related coverage (sources) arising from own resources, third-party capital and cash flow with a view to resource optimization and active return, with the aim of generating financial resources to foster Remuneration and repayment of third-party capital, growth and development of business activity and remuneration of equity.

The technical-operative part aims to illustrate the internal and external context in which the company moves, with particular regard to the conditions of the competition.

In the quantitative monetary part we try to translate into numbers the intervention of the business plan, with the aim of evaluating on the one hand the return on investment and its net present value, on the other the resources necessary for the intervention itself.