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Past, present and future

Auriga of Delphi
Become the charioteer, lead the wagon to victory

The British say that the past is terrible, the present does not exist and the future is wonderful.
They say, laughing, about their grammar of verbal times: The past is rigid, and an error can cause misunderstandings, for those who mistakenly use, for example, a present perfect instead of a past simple, or vice versa.
The present lasts 3 seconds, so it does not exist: what was there before these 3 seconds has passed, what will be there after these 3 seconds is future.
For the future the British argue that it is wonderful (always from a gramatical point of view), because I can choose what they want.

I hope no one has a terrible past.
I hope even more that the future is wonderful for everyone, not just as a grammar. And, since no one wants to be at the mercy of Destiny, let’s make it wonderful indeed.
What? Follow me in a few steps, and I will tell you something more about who we are and how we operate and how we plan to make your future as good as possible. Click here to continue